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The New Beginning, Or is it?

Presenting A.K 2.0 (Beta Release)

I had been leading a pretty complex life from past decade figuring it things that I love to do and things that can actually make me rich. And after a long (8 years) thought I realised that I was doing it all wrong and need to reset everything, my health, my mental state and my professional priorities. I have been a hobbyist tech journalist for a major part of my life and been switching professional careers quite a lot. From writing JavaScripts to creating catchy tag lines for brands, life had taken a U-turn so had my financial compensation.

In June 2019, I decided to quit everything, my job, unhealthy lifestyle, that lazy ass attitude and some toxic mates. And started with a 30-day #HealthBackUp challenge where I focusses on a health lifestyle to bring back my health and mental fitness and starting today I announce that I have started to focus on existing projects such as *[ Intense Music Intensifies ]* *[ Suspense ]*.

The Pitch

I will be working as a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant, A Freelance Photographer, A Social Media Expert, A Search Engine Marketing Guy and anything else related to marketing your brand digitally. Over the course of 6 months, I have established a full fledged team of professionals who are handling all the marketing related activities for various brands. Just drop a Hi! if you wanna discuss something or have any idea in mind or just maybe for a cup of Java Chip coffee. Drop by and say Hi!.

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