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This is A.K

I have been writing about technology from the past 6 years and living a dual life since then. An Ex. Software Developer with Google and now a Digital Marketer at Day and a super dope Tech Journalist at Night. Also a wannabe Photographer 24*7. 

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I advise brands, startups and any form of company that has a cubicle, in their marketing initiatives
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I have been surrounded by tech enthusiasts all my life and being able to convert this passion into something that pays my bills. Honestly, I don't have any professional marketing degree of any sort of but I have laid down the groundwork of starting a business from scratch and making it a huge success. Being a tech journalist for the past 6 years has taught me the necessities for a brand's survival and what it takes to build a successful branding campaign and how not to mess up (Trust me I've seen som many mess-ups in my career as a journalist). So yeah, I know the secret to building a successful branding campaign and I can surely help you out in your journey. So just drop by and say Hi!

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